Entry #2

Newgrounds RandomAutoFiven

2007-08-25 07:31:46 by aiai666devil

Hello giz.

If you saw my post about "Elite Beat Stars", then I cancelled it.

I will make a Visual Basic based program instead. I will be called Newgrounds RandomAutoFiven.

It will search a random Flash from portal ID 1 to 410000. That's why we can find errors when you click on the "random" button. But in each day, there's a lot of new flash! When there will be more than 410000 flashes on NG, I will make a new version to upgrade.

That's not all. After it finds a random flash, the title, the main author, the score, and maybe more information about it will be displayed. Then, there will be a "View" button to see the flash. But, if you don't want to see the flash before you vote. There will be a voting button from 0 to 5. You can vote from the program.

Well, this is my idea and I hope I can do it. If I finish this work, I will post it on the NG BBS.


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2007-08-25 08:25:34

What's the point?

aiai666devil responds:

I just want to have fun with VB. lol


2007-08-25 08:30:00

why not just make it find the score as well and round it to the nearest integer, so you're not fiving terrible stuff

(Updated ) aiai666devil responds:

You will see the score as well as more infos from the flash in the program. Don't worry.


2007-08-25 15:43:54

What you mean by VB?
( VintageBro? )

aiai666devil responds:

Visual Basic. K?


2007-09-07 18:40:46

Can you add wii support to your vb application. Can you put a .vb in a .swf? Can you drink a lots of water (specialists recommend 3 L of water per day). I don't know why I said the last thing but every body say that so...


aiai666devil responds:

Impossible. I can't make Wii apps with Visual Basic.


2007-09-12 22:30:30

Can you make another animutation?