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Elite Beat Stars

2007-07-21 08:50:54 by aiai666devil

I just started to create the ultimate music game! It will be the best flash music game ever! It will even beat MiniClip's one. It's called "Elite Beat Stars". It's a remake of "Elite Beat Agents", the first rythm game on Nintendo DS. But this time, Mario will be the star of the game! It will have 13 songs and a big storyline. There will be cutscenes too. There will be also a Deluxe version available on Mario Fan Games Galaxy, while the Newgrounds version will look like an arcade. There will be tons of sprites. There will be a lot of fun! ALL THAT IN A 60FPS FLASH!!! But, this will be available in a long time... ALL MY OTHER FLASHES WILL LOOK LIKE CRAP BESIDE THIS FLASH.

P.S. : Ce jeu va ĂȘtre en français aussi!!!

Elite Beat Stars


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